(from L to R): Tiff (my wife), Me, and my dear friend, Kelly Shroads (photographer/entrepreneur)

(from L to R): Tiff (my wife), Me, and my dear friend, Kelly Shroads (photographer/entrepreneur)


I’m really glad that you’re here.  Thank you for being a part of this journey! The Vitalic Project has the potential to touch so many lives, and in doing so, it is my hope to bring joy and fulfillment to those of you out there, like myself, who have always walked to the beat of your own drum.  What you will find here is a support system that will enable and empower you to thrive as passionate, purpose-driven creators, through the stories of people out there creating some cool stuff while making the world a better place.  We’ll laugh, cry, and everything in between, as we discuss topics like the creative process, breakthroughs as well as challenges, the lessons learned along the way, and much, much more.  All with the intent to serve you, the creative weirdo.  

Now, I must clarify.  I believe we are all creative in some way, shape, or form.  And it is my goal to help you harness that creativity and unleash it out into the world as you create with purpose. 

A little bit about me...

I’ve been a creative weirdo my entire life.  I had an interesting childhood, in that I do have siblings through my mom’s first marriage, but they moved away to Florida when I was very young, which inevitably left me at home as a now “only child”.  This matched with the fact that I’m a creative weirdo, and that I grew up in the south of the US, where being different hasn’t always been taken with a grain of salt.  Put all of that together and you can imagine that I didn’t exactly fit in with the other kids very well.  Since I was essentially an “only child” and had been gifted with a huge imagination, I had to keep myself occupied, especially mentally.   When I think back, I remember so many weekend afternoons saving damsels in destress from dragons in my basement with a broadsword - or what you might call a “gift wrap tube”.  I remember writing and acting out my own Shakespearean stories with G.I. Joe figures that had a mix of action sequences, double crosses, and romance.  Finally, I remember playing air drums to “Every Breath You Take” by The Police while listening to my dad’s stereo in our living room.  Did I mention that Stewart Copeland is one of my favorite drummers?  He and John Bonham, from Led Zeppelin.  Now, I know that some of this might sound a bit cliche but the funny thing is, I ended up becoming an award-winning designer and filmmaker, a music producer, remixer and dj, and co-founded two bands, an indie-electronic project called Drop the Fear, and a shoegazer band called A Shoreline Dream, which recently released a new EP.  All of these things came to fruition because as I grew up I began studying the arts and have continued to play in this magnificent playground ever since.  

Once I got to college, after a bit of trial and error with some other prospective majors (as many of us do) I ended up right back where I started, in the arts, photo/media arts to be specific.  Although, the one thing I learned more than anything while I was in college, was that it wasn’t for me.  I am that different breed of student that does not like the confines of a classroom and is far more interested in the tactile learning through action and doing, rather than flash cards and study groups.  One of the things that I did while attending college was I started to dj a specialty show on Saturday nights at our college station, which I did for four years, and inevitably paved the way for becoming not only a dj/producer but I also became a music buyer for several high-profile record stores — which I had hoped would enable me to open my own record store one day.  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so well for the record industry in the early 2000s and a lot of distributors and record stores started closing.  Fortunately, vinyl has since come back with a vengeance.  

After realizing that this dream of owning my own shop began to diminish,  I redirected my attention back towards the visual arts.  Now this was also around the time that I met my amazing wife, Tiff, and started to get more focused on my career.  Over those years, I worked in the non-profit sector as well as corporate and start-up companies. Regardless of working in various sectors, from the natural/organic industry to tech startups and even the performing arts— one thing stayed the same, I chose companies that I believed in — until I was part of a massive layoff from a Denver-based startup in the fall of 2016 where I created over 150 feature-length educational shows, ranging from cooking and baking to photography and woodworking.   I have to mention that I not only drank the Kool-Aid at that place, I helped make it.  So once I was released from their services, I decided to take some time to do a bit of soul-searching (which may have included a couple of ancient Tibetan "death" meditations), a 3-day intensive for mission-driven entrepreneurs, weekend business retreats, and on-going business coaching.  All of this hard work took me deeper than I'd ever gone on my path of self-discovery and started my journey of finally answering the biggest unsolved question of my life —  what I truly wanted.  That journey started me on a new path of entrepreneurship, as a leader and captain of my own ship, and a newfound goal to serve others with the knowledge and experience I had developed over the years as well as the gifts I've been blessed with.  This also led me to a realization that I have my own unique voice as a storyteller, so I founded the media company, GATHORA, which is committed to supporting brands that are creating with purpose. It is also why I started The Vitalic Project™️, a series where I interview thriving creators in order to spotlight the awesome things they are doing and to help those of you searching for your purpose in life, like I was, so that you can tap into that purpose and thrive as an artist, creator, and entrepreneur.   We all face challenges throughout life, and we can all overcome them — together.  I hope you’ll join me on this new creative endeavor as I experiment, and learn, and grow along with you.

So without further ado, I welcome you to The Vitalic Project™️!