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VP008: John Bourbonais - Leading a revolution in storytelling with Virtual Reality

John Bourbonais is owner of Bourbon Street Productions and Lever VR, based out of Colorado Springs, CO.  He is a Director of Photography, Producer, and Director and has worked on myriad of projects spanning feature films, documentaries, commercials, music festivals, sporting events, and training applications.  During his 20 years in the industry, he was not only early to HD video, but yet again with Virtual and Augmented Reality.   John and his team are pushing the boundaries of interactive, VR and AR modules designed for a variety of training applications.  They’ve worked with a multitude of high-profile clients like National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, SXSW, USA Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming, and Volleyball.  And more recently, he has become an inventor, including hardware, software, and app design, which came out of necessity as he has continued to be a pioneer in the VR industry.

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